About Us

Cavalos Equine Care & Supplies specializes in providing quality equestrian supplies ranging from horse care products to rider apparel.

Some of the companies we represent are; Reverdy horse feed & Supplements and Nobile Vet supplements. To ensure that your horses' health is maintained at the highest level whilst in training and everyday care.

We are a distributor of the leading endurance saddles in the UAE Setzi; the saddles have been used on a number of successful endurance performances. Furthermore, we provide top range Franco Tucci riding foot wear (we customize upon request), Pariani saddles, Royal Rider stirrups, Makebe bits and Cavalleria Toscana, a high standard line of equestrian clothing for riders in everyday training and a range of competition wear. We are the agent for Flexiequine Tack Lockers in the UAE.